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We specialize in personalized gifts for kids. Original gifts for any occasion. Singing Alarm Clocks, Sleepy time Plush, CD’s, DVD’s, books and MP3 players. Educational, unique and fun! Our products increase name recognition, speech patterns and self-esteem. 

Explore and be amazed by our diverse personalized product selection! Offer the gift that carries their name! Every child is special, every child is unique! That’s why Juke Box Canada is what you seek!

Personalized gifts for kids
Personalized gifts for kids

Personalized Gifts for Kids

4 Models of Alilo Honey Bunny: Blue, Purple, Pink and Red

Alilo MP3 Honey Bunny

Babies most comforting companion! Kids of all ages have fun and learn while playing with their interactive, adopted friend! 

Alilo download & MP3 songs

Alilo download & MP3 songs

Make your Honey Bunny even more special. Personalize him with songs that sing the child’s name!
$11.00 per collection of songs.

Blue Sun, Pink Kid Singing Alarm clocks that sing your name with gift box

Personalized Singing Alarm Clocks

No more annoying buzzer sounds or radio static! Your child awakens to his name sung in his very own wake-up song!

Personalized music cds

Music is a powerful and wonderful medium. It is the link to some of the most memorable moments in our lives; it takes us back in time and warms our hearts!



A collection of interactive, animated stories on CD-ROM that are fully personalized. Unlike any other product on the market, the story is read to your child while using him or her as the main character. Printable story pages included!

Personalized-books by Juke Box Canada

Personalized Books

Hard cover Books in 2 sizes, capture the child’s imagination and attention as he becomes the star of his very own story!

Beige bear personalized singing plush


“The Lullaby Plush that sings your name!” Give him a hug and he will sing your name in a lullaby song!

Christmas Adventure Personalized DVD


The child’s photo is incorporated directly into these wonderful animated personalized DVDs! 

minni me elves 2


Several interesting toys and products!


Alilo Canada

Alilo “Honey Bunny” is available for Retail across Canada.

Stores can contact us directly for pricing and information:

514-836-3113 or

Personalized gifts for kids - Alilo Honey Bunny MP3 pink


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