Music Player/Nightlight/Voice Recorder for Kids

Babies most comforting companion!
Kids of all ages have fun and learn while playing with their interactive, adopted friend!
I can play music, tell stories, make recordings and light up your room!

Add personalized songs that sing the child’s name:

Add a cute and practical carry bag, available in 3 different models:


MUSIC PLAYER (MP3, WAV or WMA formats):
*Large memory: 8GB
*Store thousands of songs/update-able
*Preloaded with popular songs in English and French
*Add personalized songs with child’s name, from a wake-up songs to a soft lullaby
*Preloaded with white noise to soothe your child to sleep
*Store hundreds of stories/up-date
*Preloaded with popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories/update-able
*Record your personalized messages (i.e. when you gift me as a gift)
*Save recordings of your child’s precious voice
*Read bedtime stories or special messages to playback
*Baby can hear the soothing sound of parent’s voice

*Soft bunny ears made of RoHS compliant silicone, safe to bend, pinch and chew
*Attractive and colorful glow make it a perfect nightlight or comforting friend
*Absolutely safe with no sharp areas
*Made of drop-resistant and strong ABS plastic  (30 x tougher than ordinary)
*Spherical-shaped tail designed specifically for little hands
*Child-friendly with simple, well-designed buttons to navigate
*Specially designed high fidelity dual-magnetic 52mm speaker with volume control
*Automatic “sleep” function after 30 minutes without use/press any button to wake me up
*Child-lock feature
*Eco-friendly/cost-effective: integrated high-capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery
*All content is update-able with the built-in Micro SD card, USB cable included