November Book Promotion

Best books together
November is BOOK PROMOTION TIME! Use promo code books20 (or livres20 on the French side) to get 20% off for your books. 

BOOKS ARE BUILDING BLOCKS TO HELP TEACH CHILDREN TO READ: It is important you read to children when they are young so that they can get excited about books.  Hearing their name in the story will get them to listen easier and increases self esteem. Children know their own name from the time they are as young as 6 months old.

Kids may not understand the pictures or the words; but, they will relate their names to the reading of the story. They will know that Mommy and Daddy are in the story with their little cousin or sister.  They will know that Grandpa and Grandma and Minni the cat are in there because they know the names of family members and they will connect them to the story.

As the child grows older, he will better identify the names, pointing to his own name and family members’ names while enjoying the pictures. Many teenagers, and even some adults still have some favorite Comic Book characters. We have sold the Spider-man book as a gift from the groom to his wedding party because he was a real marvel fan! The boys might enjoy the Football Star book.  Sometimes customers will go ahead and buy the Soccer book for the sport lover of all ages because it is fun to add their own favourite winning and losing teams and even see the names of their favourite real players in print!

Give the gift that carries their name! Buy now and save!