Music Player for Kids – PINK

Music Player For Kids! Alilo Honey Bunny is Multi-functional: 8GB MP3 Music Player for kids/Nightlight/Voice Recorder. A comforting companion with chewable glowing ears that is safe for babies and fun for older kids to record their voices, listen to their favorite songs and carry along with them. Drop-resistant and rechargeable!



Add a Personalized Song Collection downloaded into Honey Bunny


Music Player for Kids – Pink

Add personalized songs that sing the child’s name:
Download for Alilo Honey Bunny

Add a cute and practical carry bag, available in 3 different models:
Alilo Honey Bunny Carry Bag

Babies most comforting companion!
Kids of all ages have fun and learn while playing with their interactive, adopted friend!
I can play music, tell stories, make recordings and light up your room!


MUSIC PLAYER (MP3, WAV or WMA formats):
*Large memory: 8GB
*Store thousands of songs/update-able
*Preloaded with popular songs in English and French
*Add personalized songs with child’s name, from a wake-up songs to a soft lullaby
*Preloaded with white noise to soothe your child to sleep
*Store hundreds of stories/up-date
*Preloaded with popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories/update-able
*Record your personalized messages (i.e. when you gift me as a gift)
*Save recordings of your child’s precious voice
*Read bedtime stories or special messages to playback
*Baby can hear the soothing sound of parent’s voice

*Soft bunny ears made of RoHS compliant silicone, safe to bend, pinch and chew
*Attractive and colorful glow make it a perfect nightlight or comforting friend
*Absolutely safe with no sharp areas
*Made of drop-resistant and strong ABS plastic (30 x stronger than ordinary plastic)
*Spherical-shaped tail designed specifically for little hands
*Child-friendly with simple, well-designed buttons to navigate
*Specially designed high fidelity dual-magnetic 52 mm speaker with tail as volume control
*Child-lock feature
*Eco-friendly/cost-effective: integrated high capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery
*All content is up-date-able with the built-in Micro SD card, USB cable is included

General Interesting Information re: The Importance of Music at an early age:
Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. Through music, babies and toddlers can come to better understand themselves and their feelings, learn to decipher patterns and solve problems, and discover the world around them in rich, complex ways.

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.