Clock Software Download Instructions

Clock Software Download Instructions

After downloading the MP3 song to your desktop, follow the instructions to download the song into your clock. This will only take a couple of minutes from start to finish.

After clocking on the file to download the program:
Click ONCE to open it; if your antivirus gives a warning message you can ignore it (the file is safe)
Click “RUN”
Click “YES”
Click “Install”
Click “Next”
Click again “Next”
Click “Start”
Click “Exit”
Click “Finish”
Click “OK”

Your program is now installed. You will now see a MUSIC BOX icon with the 2 singing kids

Plug in your clock with your batteries installed

Click on the 2 singing kids ICON
**If you get a USB connection error, unplug your clock and verify battery placement; you should hear a sample song in the clock when you press the SNOOZE button** Use only 3 high quality, identical batteries, non-rechargeable and ensure they are placed as indicated**
Slide (without opening) your MP3 song file into the MUSIC BOX

Click “Download”

Unplug your clock and listen to your wakeup song!
Your clock is now ready!

If you need any help, call us: 514 836-3113

Happy Mornings!