Fantastic 4 & You CD



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The Fantastic 4 and You!  Let your child spend an amazing musical day with the Fantastic 4 and their friends. One of two FANTASTIC, MARVELOUS MUSIC CD’s to choose from in the Marvel series. A great addition to the Fantastic 4 CD Rom that is also available on our site.

Each CD consists of 8 professionally written and recorded songs. Each features the child’s name sung live into the music over 40 times. The lyrics of each song have been professionally written to reflect the skills, spirit and power of each of the top Marvel characters. The end result is a fun, entertaining, high energy CD where the child’s name is used in each song to hold their attention unlike any other product on the market. This same CD is available in multiple other languages. Call or email us for more information. You can hear samples of the French version on our French site.

The following are short, edited versions of the full length songs. Call directly to hear a specific name:
Track 1: The Fantastic 4

Track 2: Spider-Man

Track 3: X-Men

Track 4: Blade

Track 5: Snare Of Spider-Man

Track 6: He’s The Hulk

Track 7: Daredevil

Track 8: Here Comes Elektra