Music For Me CD-English



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“Click here for the Available Name List”: Our most popular English CD, featuring 12 personalized songs that will entertain your child as well as teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s. Our Biggest and Best CD yet. This CD has 12 original play time songs including a special bonus birthday and lullaby song. Your Child’s name is sung over 90 times!
The following are short, edited versions of the full length songs. Call directly to hear a specific name:



Track 1: Wake Up

Track 2: Jump up and Down

Track 3: It’s Time To Play

Track 4: That’s Your Name

Track 5: No Rainy Day Blues

Track 6: At The Zoo

Track 7: Be Kind To Animals

Track 8: When You Grow Up

Track 9: The Counting Song

Track 10: Down In the Deep Blue Sea

Track 11: Everybody Say Happy Birthday

Track 12: Sleepytime